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Scanned books

If you need a book that is really hard to get hold of as many other students use it too, you can use pdf version of the book.

What is it?

The most frequently used books have been scanned. They are available for reading only in pdf format. Due to the copyright law it is not possible to access these books online. It is not possible to download the files or print out from the files. These electronic versions of our books are accessible only from the computers in the library.

How to find and read a scanned book?

The software for browsing the scanned books is available on the computers in the library.

On a computer go to - Start / Programy / Eprezenčka / Eprezenčka (pic. 1) - then the modified version of the library catalogue Aleph opens and you can search for a book in the usual way - by author, title, subject etc. It is possible to limit your search to only e-versions:  click on "Podrobnější nastavení vyhledávání" (Search details) and in option "Žánr/Forma" (form) choose "eprezenčka" (pic. 2). Now click on the title of the book to display the full bibliographic record (pic. 3). In the record of the book there is an icon "eprezenčka" (pic. 4). Just click on this icon and the full-text of the book will be displayed (pic. 5). If the icon "eprezenčka" is not in the record of the book, it means that the electronic version of the particular book is not available.


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