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Copy on Demand (CoD)

This service enables to order photocopies from the books / journals that are available in our library's collection.

  • you can order photocopies through the library catalogue (works only in Czech version of the catalogue)
    - find the book, display the full bibliographic record of the book and click on the logo of the service CoD
    - for log-in use your university number and the secondary password
    - fill-in the form
  • photocopies can be also ordered by email cod@fss.muni.cz
    - in the email it is necessary to write the bibliographic information of the book and pages that you want to copy
  • your copies will be ready within 5 working days at the circulation desk
  • price: 1.70 CZK per page A4

For more information contact us on email cod@fss.muni.cz