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  • SUPO = The System of Settlement of Individuals' Claims at Masaryk University, detailed information on SUPO is available in http://inet.muni.cz 
  • each client has his/her SUPO client account
  • this account has to be activated by the client by confirming the Client's Consent with the Running Conditions of the SUPO System
  • money has to be deposited on the account (minimum amount to deposit is currently 100 CZK)
  • payments on active SUPO account can be made both in cash and cashless form, more information on payments to/from SUPO are available on: https://inet.muni.cz/app/supo/info
  • a self-service credit top-up machine is available in the library that can be used for depositing money on the SUPO account
  • all reprographic services at the Faculty of Social Studies are paid cashless, payments are charge to the SUPO account