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How to borrow a thesis

E-versions of theses

1) Availability of e-versions of theses

  • all theses successfuly defended after 1st January 2006 are freely available in full-text in MU Information system
  • theses defended in 2000- 2005 were digitalized and they are also available in MU Information system but only after authorization
  • older theses are available only in print version

2) Searching in e-versions

  • searching is available in MU Information system
  • records of theses published before and during 2007 are also in the library catalogue, the link to the e-version (if e-version is available) is a part of the bibliographic record

Print versions of theses

1) Availability of print-versions of theses

  • bachelors and masters theses
    - all printed theses are shelved in the closed stacks
    - since 2007 theses are available only in e-versions
  • all exam papers (klauzurní práce) and dissertations published before 2010 are shelved in the closed stacks
  • dissertations from 2010 and all habilitation theses and are shelved in the free access collection in Yellow study room in the library
  • all theses/dissertations are available for in house loan only

2) Searching for print theses

  • records of printed theses are in the library catalogue Aleph
  • it is possible to search by author, title, keywords, supervisor etc.
  • locate the thesis you require in the catalogue and click on "Faculty of Social Studies" in the column "Items / loans" to display the list of items available in our library
  • if the thesis is located in the closed stacks (Item status = In house loan CLOSED STACKS), it is necesarry to order the thesis (same way as ordering books/journals from the closed stacks)
  • if the thesis is located in free access collection (volný výběr), write down the location number, eg. 10/16 DIS
  • theses in free access collection are located in Yellow study room, arranged on the shelf according to their location numbers