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How to borrow a journal

1) Look up the journal in the catalogue

  • first of all it is necesarry to find out in our catalogue Aleph whether the particular journal is available in our library
  • in the catalogue it is possible to search by title / keywords / ISSN etc.
  • it is recommended to limit your search to MU Periodicals in "Base to search"
  • more information on searching the catalogue: here

2) Availability of particular volumes/issues

  • locate the journal you require in the catalogue and click on "Faculty of Social Studies" in the column "Items / loans" to display the list of volumes available in our library
  • in the column "Description" there is information on volumes, years, issues that are available in the library
  • journals are always available only for studying in the library, it is not possible to check them out, therefore the Item status is always In house loan

3) Locating the journal in free access collection

  • journals in free access collection (volný výběr) are located in two study rooms
    Blue study room - new issues of journals (last 3 years)
    Brown study room (basement) - older issues
  • in both study rooms journals are divided into two groups - Czech & Slovak journals and Foreign journals, and then they are arranged in alphabetical order

4) Requesting journals from the closed stacks

  • some old volumes / issues are shelved in the closed stacks
  • if the volume you wish to consult is in the closed stacks (Item status = In house loan CLOSED STACKS), it is necesarry to order the volume in the catalogue
  • log-in to the catalogue (for log-in use University personal number and secondary password)
  • look up the record of the journal in the catalogue and display "Items"
  • choose the volume you need and at the beginning of the row click on "request" (repeat for each volume you wish to order)
  • requested volume(s) of the journal will be ready for picking up at the circulation desk within an hour
  • the requests made on Mondays - Thursdays after 5 p.m., on Fridays after 4 p.m. and on Saturdays after 2 p.m. will be ready the following opening day in the morning
  • volume(s) pulled from the stacks will be held for you for 7 days at the circulation desk, then the hold will expire

5) E-versions of subscribed printed journals

  • some of the subscribed journals offer their e-versions too
  • the list of subscribed printed journals together with links to their e-versions is available HERE

6) Other journals

  • if the printed version of a journal is not available in any MU library, it is still possible that there is e-version of the journal available in one of the subscribed databases
  • use EBSCO Discovery Service - List of available Journals and Books to locate the journal in the subscribed databases
  • type the title of the journal and you will get the information about the availability of the journal in the databases together with the links to these databases
  • more about e-journals and databases is in section E-resources